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Ants can be found anywhere on the planet. You know, these creatures have been living on the Earth for more than 100 million years. It is approximated that there are about 20,000 different varieties of ants. Because of this reason, ants have been called Earth’s most successful species.

Ants make many different types of homes. Many ants build simple tiny mounds out of dirt or sand. Other ants use small sticks combined with dirt and sand to create a stronger mound that offers protection from the rain. Western Harvester ants make a small mound on height but then tunnel up to 15 feet straight down to hibernate during winter. Ant mounds contain many chambers connected by tunnels. They use distinct chambers for nurseries, food storage, and resting places for the worker ants. Some of them live in wood like termites. Do you hear about Army ants? They don’t make a home at all but travel in large groups searching for food.